Shop fronts

If you want to attract people into your retail outlet, then it pays to have a professional shop front. Our team of experienced builders can offer a whole host of commercial building services from shop front design to retail fitouts. Call us today on 01342 324461 for retail building services across Sussex, Surrey, Kent & South London regions.

The power and versatility of aluminium shop fronts

Commercial Shop Fronts

Your shop front is a shoppers first impression when they walk down the high street or when they’re window shopping. Therefore, the design and materials that you use for your facade have a major influence on your business success. We think that aluminium is a great material for shop fronts due to its versatility, durability and strength. Wood and PVCu are options, and our team are well skilled to craft your shop front from them. But, if you want to know why we strongly favour aluminium, carry on reading…

Aluminium Shop Fronts

Aluminium for Versatility

The best thing about aluminium is that it can be moulded into various shapes and sizes. Because of this, it can be retrofitted to any existing structure or surface. It can be curved or shaped into angles to create a seamless finish with no joints. (Joins are usually the places where leaks and damage start to occur.) Aluminium can be painted in any colour, and it can be used in many types of architectural situations. This makes it a great option to provide your potential customers with an appealing first impression of your shop.

Aluminium shop fronts can be combined with most types of window or door system. It even combines well when used with other materials too. It can be customised in any way you want in order to create your unique shop front. Talk to our team so we can come up with a product and design that best fits your needs.

Aluminium for Durability and Strength

Despite being lightweight, aluminium is a very durable material. It will not warp or become brittle in high temperatures, it will not rust and can it withstand extreme weather. Due to its strength, aluminium is great for automatic doors, making it ideal for schools, offices, retail, and hospitals. It can strengthen your shop front, matching or even surpassing the strength of steel, thus enhancing your security.

Aluminium is Economical

Although aluminium is more expensive than other materials, its strength, durability and longevity make it very economical. Especially when you consider the lifecycle cost of any building. It is low maintenance so is very cost effective in that respect too.

Aluminium is a Recyclable Material

Aluminium can be recycled many times. In fact, most aluminium found today contains a high percentage of recycled material. And because recycling does not diminish the strength of aluminium, it continues to be a durable material.