Lightweight Solid Conservatory roof



Why Choose A Tiled Roof Conservatory?

  • Use you conservatory all year round
  • Make it a habitable room adding value to your property
  • Save on heating bills
  • Cheaper than an extension
  • Can be used on new build project to reducing roof construction times

Why choose a NatCon Lightweight Roof?

  • Thermally efficient giving a u -value .015 W/m2/K
  • Our roof structure is truly lightweight (similar to a gazed roof)
  • Rafter and beams are GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) which makes it very light and strong
  • No heavy timber or aluminium, like other systems
  • No condensation through the roof
  • Building control certificates are issued for all installations
  • Manufacturers certified installers
  • 40 year material warranty

Why do we use the Leka System and not just change the glass or poly-carbonate ?

  • Your existing roof structure has been designed for the glass or poly carbonate only it has not been designed for installation of other material.  That is why we change the entire structure.
  • Unless a roof is vented air gas can cause moisture traps.  That is why we use a tested Leka roof.
  • Most rafter and beams, are aluminium which does not have good insulating properties and this can lead to an increase in condensation. That is why we use a system with GRP beams and rafters.
  • You will need structural and thermal calculations to obtain building control.  That is why we use a system that is approved and includes building control sign off.
  • Other systems do not include a 40 year material warranty.  That is why we use a fully tested system.