Light Weight Solid Roof Conservatories

Why Choose A Tiled Roof Conservatory?

When you choose a conservatory with tiled roof, you will transform an underused space into a cosy extension to your home.

It’s an easy way to revitalise tired conservatories, specifically designed as a hassle free way for you to change your conservatory roof to a tiled roof. It’s the perfect alternative to rebuilding your extension.


  • No compromise on natural light – solid lightweights roofs can be fitted with roof lights to maintain the bright and airy feel of traditional glazed conservatory roofs.
  • Save on expensive replacement extension build costs – this system has been designed to fit simply and easily onto existing conservatories.
  • The advanced, fully insulated system means you will save on heating bills.
  • Effective weather protection – reduced glare from the sun or noise from the rain.
  • The roof tiling is suitable for installation on new conservatories as well as existing ones.
  • Lightweight Replacement Conservatory Roof

    Our tiled conservatory roof converts your conservatory into a useable all year round sun-porch with amazing insulating properties.

    If you are looking for a high quality tiled conservatory roof then look no further than our Tiled Roof Systems. We are specialists in removing old conservatory roofs and replacing them with new, state of the art, lightweight tiled conservatory roof.

    We remove old conservatory roofs and replace them with lightweight tiled roofs, transforming them effectively into sun porches or orangeries. This means that they are warm in the winter as the heat loss is reduced.

    It is our aim to provide you with whatever you need. We can provide a wide range of different products and because our products are unique and very cost effective.


    • Incredible U-Value
      The Light weight tiled roof gives a u-value of up to 0.15 that meets total building regulations.
    • Lightweight Structural Frame
      An aluminium fully structural frame with integrated insulation provides a complete roof solution.
    • Choice of Tile and Slate Colours
      All tiles have been tried and tested for many years in the most extreme weather conditions giving you total peace of mind.
    • Guarantee
      All roof components come with a 10 year guarantee as standard and a life expectancy of 60 years on all tiles.
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